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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people easily find and plan protests without the fear of being banned or sacrificing their privacy. 

Protesting issues that you are passionate about is necessary to bring about change. It can draw attention to concerns you are fighting for and bring people together for a common cause. From the Boston Tea Party to the Women’s Suffrage Parade to the Stonewall Riots to the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom to the more recent, Black Lives Matter protests, protesting is deeply rooted in American history. 

Censorship is regularly practiced by social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They ban people/groups on the left and right ends of the political spectrum. We are a platform, not a publisher. We will not take down any protests and/or comments that do not violate the law. Plan a Protest is committed to your first amendment right to freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble. 

Create a protest now.

Will your next change the country?