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Category: Military

Jan 21
Anti-fascist protesters vandalize Oregon Democrats’ office on Biden inaugural day

Anti-government and anti-fascist protesters vandalized a Democratic Party office and scuffled with police in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, protesting the inauguration of President Joe Biden and demanding an end to police violence and imperialism. Read More

Jan 14
After Trump’s coup attempt: German politicians call for massive military build-up

While the ruling class in Germany reacts with a mixture of shock, nervousness and aggression to the fascist coup attempt in the US, all the establishment parties are intensifying their great power offensive. Read More

Jan 11
Army officer quits after organizing buses for dozens to attend pro-Trump rally in D.C.

Emily Rainey, stationed at Fort Bragg, resigned after traveling to Washington, D.C., to participate in the “Stop the Steal” rally preceding the Capitol riot. Read More