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May 21
Dozens arrested after Times Square demonstrators clash over Israel

NEW YORK — More than two dozen people were arrested as pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators clashed in New York City’s Times Square and police were investigating the gang assault of a Jewish man as a hate crime, police said Friday. “It’s absolutely disgusting and unacceptable,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said on WNYC public radio. “We...

May 20
Bay County residents hold peaceful protest in support of Palestinian people

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Protestors took to the streets on Thursday to show their support for the Palestinian people as a result of the recent violence in the West Bank and Gaza. Participants gathered at the Highway 77 and 23rd Street intersection to have their voices heard. “Our community is pretty solid,” said protest...

Jan 25
Yemen’s Houthis protest against Trump’s terrorist label

Tens of thousands of Yemenis marched in Sanaa on Monday, heeding a call by the Iran-aligned Houthi movement to condemn the United States for labelling it a terrorist group and backing the Saudi-led military coalition that is battling it. Read More

Jan 25
Spain’s defence chief resigns amid mounting anger over COVID-19 vaccine theft

Anger is mounting in the working class after generals, royalty and politicians got the COVID-19 vaccination even as vaccines are running out for frontline health care workers. Read More

Jan 25
Turkish Trotskyists hold international online meeting on student protests

The Socialist Equality Group and IYSSE in Turkey held an international online meeting January 17 titled “Amid the global breakdown of democracy, the way forward for the Boğaziçi University protests.” Read More

Jan 24
Kremlin: US Comments on Protests Support Law-Breaking

The Kremlin’s spokesman says the U.S. Embassy’s statements about the extensive protests in Russia, in which more than 3,500 people reportedly were arrested, interfere in the country’s domestic affairs and encourage Russians to break the law Read More

Jan 24
New Amsterdam protest planned after curfew violations prompt arrests

Dutch police said they arrested 25 people and handed out 3,600 fines for violations of a nighttime curfew which went into effect on Saturday in a bid to rein in the coronavirus. Read More

Jan 14
After Trump’s coup attempt: German politicians call for massive military build-up

While the ruling class in Germany reacts with a mixture of shock, nervousness and aggression to the fascist coup attempt in the US, all the establishment parties are intensifying their great power offensive. Read More

Jan 12
Pakistan: Eleven miners killed in sectarian attack buried following week of protests

Although Pakistan’s military has turned much of Balochistan into an armed camp, Islamist forces continue to mount deadly attacks on the Shiite Hazara minority with impunity. Read More

Jan 10
Alberta shares economic struggle, right-wing divide that helped spur U.S. Capitol protest: experts

“Many of the same signs and images we’ve seen in much smaller scale rallies in Alberta,” political scientist Jared Wesley said. Read More

Jan 08
U.S. blacklists Iraqi militia leader in connection with deadly anti-govt protests

The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on an Iraqi militia leader and former national security adviser, connecting him to human rights abuses during the 2019 anti-government demonstrations in which hundreds of protesters were killed. Read More

Jan 07
World stunned by violence in US Capitol as protesters attempt to overturn election

World leaders on Wednesday (Jan 6) expressed shock at the violent protesters who overran the US Congress and attempts to overturn the Nov 3 … Read More

Jan 06
Australia: Chinese immigrant meatworkers locked out after protesting alleged assault

The meatworkers’ union acted as strike-breaker, shutting down the Chinese workers’ principled act of solidarity with their victimised colleague. Read More

Dec 25
Seven U.S. lawmakers write to Pompeo on farmers’ protest in India

India has maintaned that the matter pertains to the internal affairs of a democratic country. Read More Google News – Search