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Jan 25
Spain’s defence chief resigns amid mounting anger over COVID-19 vaccine theft

Anger is mounting in the working class after generals, royalty and politicians got the COVID-19 vaccination even as vaccines are running out for frontline health care workers. Read More

Jan 25
Turkish Trotskyists hold international online meeting on student protests

The Socialist Equality Group and IYSSE in Turkey held an international online meeting January 17 titled “Amid the global breakdown of democracy, the way forward for the Boğaziçi University protests.” Read More

Jan 24
New Amsterdam protest planned after curfew violations prompt arrests

Dutch police said they arrested 25 people and handed out 3,600 fines for violations of a nighttime curfew which went into effect on Saturday in a bid to rein in the coronavirus. Read More

Jan 22
‘Let us play’: Alleghany High School students protest postponed sports season

More than twenty students, including many athletes, walked out of class in protest Friday morning. Read More

Jan 20
Boston Teachers Union agrees to return to in-person classes for thousands of students

The agreement was reached a day before the BTU took part in last week’s phony “Day of Resistance” protest aimed at appealing to Biden and the Democratic Party. Read More

Jan 07
COVID-19 infections out of control at Cricklewood Bus Garage! For a walkout and strike action to save lives!

At least 12 staff have been diagnosed with COVID in recent days, including up to ten bus drivers, a manager and the garage’s full time Unite Health and Safety Rep Read More

Jan 02
Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi homes vandalised in Covid protests

Kentucky protest against Republican Senate leader who blocked relief payment increase unites progressives and pro-Trump crowd Read More

Jan 02
Philadelphia Mummers protest Covid cancellation of New Year’s march

Traditional event stopped but some celebrate anyway as city spokeswoman decries some marchers’ lack of masks Read More

Jan 02
Pelosi, McConnell homes vandalized after Congress adjourns without securing $2,000 stimulus checks

The Louisville home of Mitch McConnell and the San Francisco home of Nancy Pelosi were vandalized after Congress didn’t secure $2,000 stimulus checks. Read More

Dec 24
No to forced work amid raging pandemic! All non-essential production must be shutdown with full compensation to workers!

Factories, tea estates and government institutions are now dangerous hotbeds for COVID-19, a situation caused by the Rajapakse government’s defence of corporate profits. World Socialist Web Site – Marxist analysis, international working class struggles & the fight for socialism Read More

Dec 24
Dec 23
Kirk Cameron protests stay-at-home order with caroling event during California COVID surge

Former child star Kirk Cameron organized a caroling protest event in California that drew scores of people, many without masks or social distancing. Read More Google News – Search

Dec 22
2020 In Photos: Protests, COVID-19 And An Important Election

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, inewsource focused on producing journalism that could help San Diegans understand their new reality. Read More

Dec 22
Washington D.C. teachers union reaches agreement with Democratic mayor to reopen schools

The deal reached last week entails the broad reopening of schools in which teachers could be required to return to in-person teaching. World Socialist Web Site – Marxist analysis, international working class struggles & the fight for socialism Read More

Dec 22
As lawmakers meet, protesters attempt to storm Capitol building

Roughly 200 protesters gathered outside of the Capitol as lawmakers convened for the year’s third special session to address issues created by the Covid pandemic. A group attempted to forcibly disrupt the session, smashing windows, blocking streets, assaulting journalists and spraying unidentified chemicals on police. Read More

Dec 21
Armed protesters enter Oregon State Capitol during special session

About 300 anti-lockdown protesters gathered outside the Oregon State Capitol building and forced their way in on Monday during a lawmaker special session on pandemic relief. Read More

Dec 21
Heavily Armed Far-Right Mob Floods Oregon Capitol

The crowd was a loose collection of members of the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and others far-right groups, many of them are armed with pistols and rifles. It got ugly fast. Read More

Dec 21
How Ammon Bundy Helped Foment an Anti-Masker Rebellion in Idaho

The COVID-19 pandemic has pitted establishment Republicans, who defer to public-health officials’ expertise, against hard-right libertarians. Read More Google News – Search

Dec 21
Protesters clash with police, smash glass doors, disrupt lawmakers on ‘unnerving’ day at Oregon State Capitol in Salem

Police made at least two arrests during the six-hour rally that included more than 100 protesters, including members of the far-right Patriot Prayer. Read More

Dec 21
Viral videos show anti-mask protest at Arizona mall: ‘They’re endangering people’

Videos show a group of maskless protesters decrying COVID-19 health guidelines and confronting shoppers at Phoenix’s Christown Spectrum Mall Dec. 17. Read More

Dec 18
Stanford hospital erupts in protest after vaccine plan leaves out residents [Updated]

Only 0.5% of the medical residents at Stanford are in on the first round of shots. Read More

Dec 18
Reject the SEIU sellout: Mobilize the working class to defend HCA nurses in southern California!

With the pandemic spreading out of control and California hospitals strained beyond capacity by the flood of nearly 20,000 COVID-19 patients, including at least 3,500 in ICUs, nurses in Southern California have taken a stand to demand safe staffing levels and protections that are critical to save the lives of health care workers and patients...

Dec 18
Shut down the auto industry to save lives until a vaccine is available to all! Full compensation for all workers!

Just as no soldier wants to be the last one shot before a peace treaty, there is no justification for any further deaths to build Jeeps or F-150s while millions of people wait to be vaccinated. World Socialist Web Site – Marxist analysis, international working class struggles & the fight for socialism Read More

Dec 07
Jocelyn Benson: Armed protesters flock to Michigan official’s home

The state’s attorney general called the incident “disturbing behaviour masquerading as protest”. Read More

Nov 23
Protesters take to the streets in California to bash Newsom’s curfew orders

Protesters across California took to the streets last night in defiance of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s latest nighttime curfew orders that went into effect Saturday night to clamp down on resurging coronavirus cases. Read More